About Decorative Window Films by Mary Anne

Hi: I’m Mary Anne and Welcome to Decorative Window Films by MaryAnne.

I would like to explain the logo I have in the upper left corner of my website.

I have been told it looks like a devil and also an angel and I guess I would prefer the angel since I believe there is always someone watching over us. In reality it is a female phoenix who has risen from the rubble, flames and ashes and is well on her way to happiness.

Life can be cruel at times and throw you some curves you never expected so I created this phoenix to represent my belief that with hard work, diligence and faith we can all rise above it and be the best that we can be.

I also owe a debt of gratitude to a very nice lady from California who tracked me down to my private life to do some windows for her. Jennine was very disappointed to find out that I was no longer on the web since she had her windows designed especially for my products. She inspired me so much that I felt it was necessary for me to come back to a business that I love. Together Jennine and I worked on her order and she received it in time for Christmas and was very pleased.

So I want to thank everyone for your encouragement, without you I wouldn’t be here.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a farm girl from Wisconsin and I have been creating stick-on window films since 2002. I truly enjoy helping others to make their windows as beautiful as possible with my decorative window clings for privacy.

I do the graphic editing and will be walking you through the ordering process, creating your design and making sure it is printed according to your instructions.

My goal is to provide complete satisfaction for all your stick-on window needs, no matter what they may be, and to provide you with all the help you require to accomplish this goal.

You and your project are my #1 priority.
I will respect your personal privacy, value your opinions and provide a quality stick-on window film delivered in a timely manner.

I look forward to working with you on designing your decorative window clings for privacy. Hope you and enjoy your visit to Decorative Window Films by MaryAnne.


Mary Anne De Larwelle

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