Custom Privacy Window Films and Their Use Privacy, Beauty and UV Protection

Custom decorative privacy window film offers the illusion of real stained glass at 1/10 the price. Your photo pictures on film for window privacy or wall murals.

Contact Me for help in selecting the right material for your needs. Whether you need a frosted security film, or are considering other options, I have what you need.

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Full Line of Materials I Offer

Frosted/Privacy Window Film: 4 mil vinyl and
FrostedĀ  8 mil adhesive-free, eco-friendly material

Approx. longevity of 2+ years outdoor for the adhesive material 5-10 indoors for either static or adhesive

  • Adhesive back more for permanent placement, removable.
  • Considered a frosted security film since the adhesive back will hold the shards in place if window is broken
  • Photo Pictures on film
  • DYI installation
  • Stained glass illusion
  • Complete privacy
  • Defuses glare, bright sun
  • Stops fading of furniture and floors
  • Non room darkening
  • Viewable from both sides
  • Excellent print quality.
  • Any smooth or lightly textured surface

Recommended material for most privacy window and back lit applications

View Through Vinyl Perforated/One Way Vision Film: 4mil

  • 5-10+ years indoor
  • Perforated security privacy film, see image from outside, inside a clear view out.
  • Works well for care facilities, business, home use
    or vehicle graphics

Please contact Mary Anne for pricing.

Repositionable Backlit Privacy Window Film 5mil

Matte finish backlit frosted window cling film

  • Low tack, repositionable adhesive
  • High quality graphics for backlighting and backlit boxes.
  • My custom decorative privacy window film provides complete privacy day or night when placed on windows.
  • Allows you to see the design 24/7 from the inside
  • Recommended for clients who have restrictions on what can be placed on their windows
  • Image is best seen from the inside, outside view of the design is muted and looks white.

Approximate longevity of the frosted window film is 2 years outdoors when laminated, and 5+ years indoors.

As always, I’m here to help you out, so just give me a call toll Free 866-238-9166 or Contact Me by email if you have any other questions about the custom decorative privacy window films I offer.

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