Decorative Church Window Film

Decorate, add Privacy and Stop Glare with Decorative Church Window Films and Clings

Beautiful and custom religious church window films are available from Decorative Window Films by Mary Anne. I have been helping churches beautify their windows since 2002 and I have the experience and expertise you can count on. My frosted privacy window appliques are easy to install, have UV protection, will stop glare and heat, and add privacy.

My transparent window film has a lot of the same qualities and the added bonus of allowing the colors to be cast into the room when the sun is shining behind it. The window film materials can be used as a permanent application and should not harm your windows. High-quality laminates are available as well, to add even more years to your custom designed religious window film.

Decorative Window Films by Mary Anne does custom window film printing for your size, shape and color requirements.

View the stained glass pattern gallery to select a pattern for your religious window film. There is a nice selection of patterns ranging from religious to non-denominational. Contact me directly to re-create any design concept that you would like, simply send a picture or explain what you had in mind.

Compare Services and See How Decorative Window Films by Mary Anne can accomplish your window film goals

  • We start with your basic window applique concepts and what you would like to see
  • The next step is to turn your window film ideas into reality
  • Whether it is a simple color change or a whole new faux stained glass pattern, a sample picture is made available for your approval before printing
  • This sample picture can then be printed out and shown at your committee meeting
  • When you approve that your sample picture is the right dimensions, color and shape and you are ready for printing
  • The window film image is then printed on high quality materials using the most current advancements in printing technology for stunning results
  • UV ink is used for lasting images even in direct sunlight
  • High quality laminates are also available for even longer lasting window films and faux stained glass
  • Shipping is within 14 days after approval of your sample picture, using UPS delivery for shipping dependability

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
Visit the Decorative Church Window Film Gallery

I look forward to working with you.

Mary Anne De Larwelle
Decorative Window Films
Toll Free 866-238-9166
Local 920-826-2304

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