Decorative Stained Glass Films FAQ’s

How do I clean my window film?
Please treat your window films as you would a work of art. Do Not use harsh ammonia products or abrasives to clean your window films. A soft water dampened cloth is all you need.

I don’t see the size of window cling that I need, can you make a special size just for me?
I actually do not have any “standard sizes.” I print to your window dimensions, the colors you need and the shape of your window.

How do I know I’ll like the pattern that you make for me?
Before anything is printed, I always email you a sample picture for you to look at so you’ll know exactly what you’re are getting before it arrives. Only after you have viewed the sample picture and confirmed that this is what you want, do I send your order onto printing.

I would like a window cling made, that is 8″ wide by 60″ tall for a side door light
Sure I can do that, not a problem

How long will it take to get my order?
Normal receipt of your order is in about 14 days. If there will be any delays I will let you know.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes I ship internationally using UPS or Postal service whichever you prefer.

Do you accept Credit Cards?
Yes I accept most major credit cards as well as Paypal. You can also give me a call and I can take your order over the phone.

Can I put a window cling on my textured/ frosted window, shower door or walls?
Yes. I have a wide selection of materials for just about any application, just let me know how I can help.

Can I use a window cling to block the suns glare and heat?
Yes using a window cling to block the glare is really one of the best things they do. Also because of the UV protectors built right into all of the window cling products they do a great job of stopping the heat at your windows and these films should not hurt your windows. The materials with adhesive have the added benefit of providing protection and security should your window break or shatter since the adhesive will hold the glass pieces together and they won’t fly back into your room

I bought a cheap window cling somewhere else, and it doesn’t stick, peels at the corners, fades, and is just a problem. How do I know that yours will work?
When I started printing window films I made a special effort to find the best quality products that I could. My prices might be a little higher than the local discount stores, but its only because my product merits it.

Do you offer any window clings for privacy?
My privacy window films are very effective privacy screens. A frosted material is used most often for this application. It does not darken your room but you cannot see thru it. Best of all you can see the image on both sides.

Can you do bulk orders for my company/organization?
Yes, I have done window clings for some very large companies. As it is you have probably seen my work without even realizing it.
At car shows, banks, delis, fund raisers and company promotions. Just think of me whenever you see a window cling in use.

What kind of applications can I use a window cling for?
Window films work great when you need something that can be removed from time to time or can be used as a permanent display. Seasonal displays, promotions or just bored with looking at the same thing. You can now change your window decorations to suit your decor or your store windows for your latest promotions. I have even used window clings on the sides of cars in slow moving parades .

Is it difficult to install a window cling?
Not really, the window cling wants to stick on to your window, just be sure to clean your windows and follow the installation instructions that I have on the website.

Can you make a window cling from my photo, and how can I get a photo to you?
Yes I can and because its a digital process it will come out looking just like your photo. Getting a photo to me is easy. If it’s already on your computer just find a contact me button, my email address is at the top of the page. Open up an email message to me and then browse your computer to find the picture you would like to use and email it to me.

Submitting a photo for recreation to a stained glass design/pattern to Mary Anne/ constitutes permission for said company to use the newly created stained glass design/pattern as they see fit and to copyright said new design as it’s own.
Submitting a photo to be printed onto the films as is with only cropping the image to fit your dimensions needing to be done remains your property and will not be subject to the above disclaimer.

Do you have a minimum order?
No I do not. Some companies require it, I don’t.

What do I need to install your window clings?
Installation instructions are available on this website. But here are a few guidelines to help you along. You will need a sharp knife, spray bottle of soapy water, and a little patience. Spray the glass surface with a little soapy water and gently float the window cling to where you want it. When you are happy with where it is, squeegee the cling from the center out to the outside edges to remove the water. Then just trim with a sharp knife to fit your window perfectly.