Home Privacy Films

Our decorative home privacy films offer a beautiful and decorative window-covering solution that prevents others from seeing into your home or business, while still allowing you to see out. With adhesive backing, each home privacy decorative film is easy to install and is easily removed when you move or redecorate, leaving no residue on your window. With a variety of contemporary or classic designs, our home privacy films come in a large selection of colors and looks to match any room décor.


Choose from designs that can be viewed from both sides, or choose the “view-through” one-way vision film, which allows you to see the image from the outside but offers a clear view out the window from inside. This one-way home privacy film is also great for care facilities and businesses. To protect your valuable items from fading, UV laminate can be added to your home privacy film, which is recommended for windows that receive 4 or more hours of direct sunlight a day. Our products include light-blocking film for privacy, which blocks out 99% of light and offers complete privacy.


Add a little color to your windows and a little extra design to any room in your home with our large selection of beautiful home privacy decorative films. Many of our designs have the look of leaded stained glass but come at a fraction of the price. We can also create home privacy films that look like artwork or a photograph. Whether you’re looking to add privacy to bay windows, sidelight windows, double-hung windows, arch windows, or any other style of window in your home, you’ll be pleased with our selection of home privacy films that easily match your décor. We’re also proud to offer custom decorative home privacy films, so reach out today to discuss your design. We’re happy to answer your questions and we strive to offer the best in customer service.