Ordering Decorative Window Films

The Process
Although you will receive an automated confirmation of your decorative window covering or transparent window film order, this does not complete the process.

I will also send you an email letting you know I have your order and I will also be emailing you a sample picture  of what your pattern will look like in your size, color and shape.

You must respond to my email letting me know your sample picture is good to print before the order will be moved onto printing. Please make sure that the measurements for your decorative window coverings are correct and that the material to be used is correct. Then contact me with any changes you may still need or your approval to print.

These procedures must be followed or your order will not be completed.

Although this will take a bit more time, because what I do here is custom for you only, these steps are necessary to insure that when you receive your decorative stained glass window art film that everything is correct and looks great on your window.

International orders can be handled by email but all the steps listed above will need to be followed to complete your order as well.

Rush Orders
Normal shipping and receiving of your order is generally in two weeks from confirmation to print but I will take rush orders as needed. The rush fee is $100 plus shipping UPS 2 day to guarantee delivery on time. This may seem extreme to some of you but since you are asking me to drop everything and make your order a priority over someone else who is waiting for their order, this is what needs to be done.

To get pricing for our decorative window coverings, transparent window films, or static clings, click on any picture. When you see the large view, enter your dimensions in inches and decimals. If you have a fraction that needs to be included, add it to your cart and get your price. You can easily click remove when you are done or you can continue on to complete the order.

There is also a search box by my logo to make finding what you would like easier.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Mary Anne
Toll Free: 866-238-9166
Local: 920-826-2304