Stephen’s Window Sidelight-Privacy


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This stained glass removable stick on named Stephen’s Window sidelight was printed on frosted privacy material for this client’s front door.

Sidelight Privacy Films – A Fusion of Design and Discretion

Decorative Films By Mary Anne offers homeowners a unique combination of style and privacy through their sidelight privacy films. These films, specifically designed for sidelights, gracefully meld design with discretion. In an age where privacy is paramount, these films allow homeowners to retain their personal space without compromising on the aesthetic appeal of their homes.


What sets the sidelight privacy films from Decorative Films By Mary Anne apart is the attention to detail. Every pattern and design is meticulously curated, ensuring that each film offers optimal privacy and seamlessly integrates with various interior decors. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary design or a classic pattern, there’s a film tailored to match your style.


In addition to their visual appeal, these privacy films are easy to install and maintain, making them a convenient choice for homeowners. You can also check out our beach scene stained glass collection now. By choosing the privacy films from Decorative Films By Mary Anne, you’re investing in a product that guarantees beauty and privacy, a testament to the fusion of design and discretion.

How Our Sidelight Privacy Films Stand Out

In window treatments, sidelight privacy films are gaining immense popularity. However, not all films are created equal. At Decorative Films By Mary Anne, we pride ourselves on providing premium films that stand out. Here’s how:


  • Superior Quality Material: They are crafted using top-tier materials, ensuring durability, longevity, and optimal privacy. This robust quality ensures that the films resist wear and tear, giving peace of mind for years.
  • Artistic & Versatile Designs: Decorative Films By Mary Anne boasts expansive designs. Whether intricate patterns or modern minimalist designs, they cater to diverse aesthetic preferences, ensuring every home finds its perfect match.
  • Easy Application & Maintenance: With user-centricity at our core, they are easy to install and effortless to maintain. This ensures homeowners can enjoy both the beauty and functionality without any hassles.


Choosing them from Decorative Films By Mary Anne means investing in the best. It’s not just about privacy; it’s about elevating your home’s elegance and ensuring utmost discretion.

Enhance Home Privacy with Sidelight Films

Our sidelight privacy films flawlessly fit into any sidelight, ensuring that the privacy of your interiors is maintained without drawing undue attention to the film itself. While other window treatments may block out light, they allow the beauty of natural light to permeate, all while keeping prying eyes at bay.

Diverse Design Choices

  • Tailored Aesthetics: A vast range of designs can be matched to any home décor, from contemporary chic to vintage charm.
  • Customized Solutions: Recognizing the unique requirements of each homeowner, Decorative Films By Mary Anne offers customization, ensuring your sidelight privacy films perfectly align with your vision.

Commitment to Quality

  • Long-lasting Durability: Crafted from premium materials, they are built to withstand the test of time, retaining their elegance and functionality.
  • User-friendly Application: Beyond aesthetics and privacy, we understand the importance of ease. Our films are designed for hassle-free installation, making home enhancement a breeze.

In the quest for enhanced home privacy, sidelight privacy films from Decorative Films By Mary Anne stand as a beacon of style, discretion, and unmatched quality.


How To Order

Pricing, Image Preview & Ordering Your Custom Window Film

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If your image doesn't look quite the way you want, Contact Mary Anne and she can make custom edits to get your window film just right.

Entering Dimensions

To get accurate pricing you need to enter your fractions as decimals.

Fractional Inch Helper Chart
1/8 = .125
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3/8 = .375
1/2 = .5
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3/4 = .75
7/8 = .875

For other conversions just divide your top number by the bottom number.

Example: 7/16 is 7 divided by 16 = .4375

Select Material

Transparent material

If you just want something pretty and see through transparent material is what you should order.

Since you will see through the colors this film will not provide any real privacy.

This material will allow all light possible into the room.

Privacy material

Privacy material is used when you don’t want to see outside and you don’t want anyone to see in.

Works great in bathrooms or anywhere privacy is needed and allows defused light into the room.

This material is also used for back lighting purposes and defuses the sun’s glare from coming into the room.

Both of these materials have a removable adhesive back.

If you would prefer a non-adhesive film please contact Mary Anne and let her know.

Adding Laminate

A Laminate would be recommended if your window receives 4+ hours of Extreme Direct Sunlight Daily to help prolong the life of the film and the colors.


Stained glass colors and textures will have other subtle colors included along with the main color.

This is important to keep in mind if you only want white since you may see other slight colors variances in the printed film.

Please feel free to contact me with your custom requests.