Decorative Films by Maryanne Testimonials

Mary Anne,

I was just cleaning out email and saw my order confirmation for a tree of life film for my storm door.  Almost 10 years later, it is still in great shape and one of the things I love most about my house – I always feel  blessed coming into my house through that door which I do at least once a day after the dog goes for a long walk!  (all through the pandemic too)

I hope you are well and that the joy you give returns to you many fold.  Sherry from Massachuetts

Hello Mary Anne,

We have finished applying all the window films!   We are very happy with the appearance of all the windows.
Our church family loves the beautiful new look in our church.  What a nice change and my husband put some lighting
behind three of the windows which are inside and do not receive sunlight.   It made a big difference and it was worth
all the electrical work involved.

Thank you very much for all your help and continuous patience. Blessings and peace,   Karlene from Rhode Island

Thank you so much for my very lovely window films!  It was very easy to follow your directions for installation and so satisfying to have something that is attractive, allows light to come in, and provides privacy.  A trifecta of perfection!  I have already recommended your website to a couple of friends and posted my review on your Facebook page.

With Gratitude, Claudia from California

The window film arrived today, and I installed it.
I’m very familiar with window film. I’ve used window film for at least a decade.
What I must tell you – is… Your product is far superior to anything I’ve ever experienced.

The colors are spectacular. My door looks so good, and the light that comes through is heavenly.
I’m so pleased that I purchased your product.

Thank you so much!  Dawna from Alberta Canada

Hi, Mary Anne

We applied the film about two days after we received it.
It went up well. My husband did it as he had previous experience applying decals to the sides of trucks and on business windows.

It looks very nice and we are both pleased. I have been trying to take a picture, but I have not been successful. I will keep trying and send if I am able to capture a good shot.

Yesterday we had friends over who did stained glass in a prior life. They were very impressed, Said that it certainly looked like stained glass.

Thanks again! Julie H from Florida


Hi Mary Anne,

I wanted to let you know that we recently sold our house and the buyers begged us to leave our beautiful window film. Over the years we’ve received so many compliments. It’s been one of our favorite pieces of art in our home and we were sad to leave it! Yesterday, we bought a 24 foot motorhome. It has little to no space for hanging art. However, it has a rather large built in mirror. My husband said “Hey, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could get that Tree of Life again”

Oddly, it’s almost the same dimensions as the one we previously ordered. I just went on your website and ordered it again. So happy we found you.

Thank you!  Julie from Indiana

Hi Mary Anne,

I received the window film yesterday. It is Perfect!!!  It is for a small octagon bathroom window.  The colors and size are flawless. It will be hard to take pics as the room is so small but I will try.

I have 2 oval door windows I would love to do at some point in the future.

Just never realized this quality existed!

Thank you again!  Connie from New York

Hi Mary Anne,
The transom film is installed and looks stunning. Colors are beautiful! It fit perfectly and installation was a breeze thanks to your detailed instructions.
If you’d like a photo to use on your site , I’ll be happy to send one. (Today is a little overcast, so I’d wait for a sunny day.)

Thanks for a wonderful product. It is an outstanding addition to our arts and crafts style home. We love it! Plan on ordering more soon…
Don & Isabelle from South Carolina


I wanted to send you a note to tell you how very pleased I am with the decorative films. Your work is exceptional, you were so kind to communicate and be certain I was satisfied and the shipment arrived before it was anticipated.

They look great and fit like a glove.

You do great work and I am so very pleased.

Thank you sincerely!

Robin Ù† from Montana

I love the films! They look so good. I’ll be honest :), I was skeptical. I wondered if they would look as good as pictures on the site. They look amazing.

Thank you! Tessa from Utah

Dear Mary Anne,

I placed your beautiful window film on my 3-Lite Craftsman Arts and Crafts Door, and the look is comparable to the leaded textured glass that I could not afford. Your material’s quality lends a subtle elegance to my entry/living area while providing the privacy I desired.

Thank you for an excellent product and instructions for installation!

Sincerely, Kelly from Oregon

Hi Mary Anne,

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU again.  The window film was perfect and even the installer said it was very nice and took down your website.  The windows are beautiful and I cannot wait until Sunday when the congregation will get to see them for first time.

Thank you again, Susan from Florida

Just wanted to tell you how much we love the decal!  Its amazing – looks like stained glass and is a great focal point of the living room. Plus it covers up our neighbors house, and they don’t look down into our living room.

Also you were very responsive and helpful via email.

It was not difficult for the two of us to install-with a little patience!
I had been looking for so long for a solution-it is such a relief to have found one that looks so good!

Thanks again, Katy from Canada

We got the order and wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your help and advice.  I installed the film this afternoon and it looks fantastic!  It fit perfectly and the installation was completely painless and took less than 30min from start to finish.

The film itself is the quality I would expect and unless you know it, it isn’t easy to tell it isn’t real stained glass.

I am so glad I found you online and will definitely recommend you to anyone that is looking for a solution for their windows!

John from Texas

Hi Mary Anne,

We love your beautiful window films!
They provide the privacy needed.
No need for miniblinds or curtains!
Installed in 5 minutes!
Thank you so much! I’ll send photos soon!

Wanted to tell you that I just hung my two window coverings.  It did not take me 15 minutes and I did not have a single bubble.  Some excess water in a place or two and that was it.  I have hung a bunch of this type of thing in the past and never with this ease. Happy camper. Betty

Mary Anne, we were so glad to find your website! The quality of your window films is beyond compare. Thank you for all you did to make the process of ordering and installing our window films so easy. The windows in in our dining room look beautiful and truly compliment the look of our 94 year old home. We couldn’t be happier with the finished product. Thank you, Mary Anne!

Best, Phoebe

Hello MaryAnne,

I’m pleased to say that the window film my sister, (Lyn) ordered for me arrived today and I have installed it on the side windows of the front door. Both my husband and I are so, so pleased with the result.

We would like to thank you for your prompt service of our order and your constant contact throughout. We would be more than happy to refer your services to family and friends.

Thank you.

Kind regards

-Barbara and Lyn from Australia

Dear Ms. De Larwelle,

Sunshine greetings to you! We of Williamsburg Landing in Virginia, both residents and staff, want to thank you so very much for providing us with the beautiful Tree of Life decorative window film for my office, the Chaplain’s office. (Please see attached).

We needed something that would fit in with a spiritual nature theme that would speak to folks of different spiritual and religious traditions and also serve as a privacy screen for when folks are visiting with me for counsel- and it does all of this so well:

It is pleasing to people, it provides privacy , but also still lets in light. We have had numerous comments from residents and staff who absolutely love this window film and have asked me where we purchased it- I have given the folks who have asked your website contact information. Thank you so very much again, and we wish you well and all the best!

Thanks and blessings,

-Cait from Virginia

Hello Mary Anne:

We just installed our window film next to our front door and it went up beautifully!

It’s been unusually cold here recently so we had to wait until the weather turned milder in order to reach that 40 degree minimum temperature threshold.

Your instructions were excellent! I was concerned it might be tricky to install but it was very easy to work with and went up without a hitch

This idea was a very worthwhile investment. We had inquired about getting a custom stained glass window made for this purpose and we received quotes from between $1200 and $1500, so it was an easy decision to go with the window film.

Thanks for your great service and for an outstanding product. Cheers,

-Steve from Canada

Hello Mary Anne,

Just want you to know how happy I am with my “stained glass” window, it is stunning and was easy to install.

Everyone should know about you! Thanks again, Elizabeth from Delaplane Virginia

Just installed the window film and it looks great. We are very happy with the purchase. Install was simple and the instructions were very good. Will come straight to your website next time we need to purchase a window film.

-Steven from Philadelphia

Hi there,

I just wanted to tell you that I received and installed my window film and it is so very beautiful.

The installation directions you gave me made the installation a piece of cake. I can’t believe how it enhances my bathroom.

So very grateful and extremely satisfied. A million thanks.

-Marie from Lewiston New York

Just installed the window film and it looks great. We are very happy with the purchase. Install was simple and the instructions were very good. Will come straight to your website next time we need to purchase a window film. Steve from Philadelphia

Hello Mary Anne, I’ve just finished refurbishing my front door and felt I had to tell you how pleased we are with our Bradham bevel window. The film was exactly the correct size and very easy to install. It looks fantastic. Many thanks,

-Malcolm from Cowes, Isle of Wight England.

We ordered the Magnolia and Irises sized 55 wide x 55 tall. It is stunning from inside the bathroom and outside the house. It fit perfectly.

I love the way the different colors pop through the day, from the vibrant blues early in the morning, to the purples in the evenings to the browns at night. It lets in plenty of light during the day to brighten the room. You can’t even see shadows from outside.

It is really, really terrific. We couldn’t be happier! It is our favorite work of art.

-Robert from North Corolina

Dear Mary Anne:

Received your window screen as you advised on the 9th of October. Following your instructions, placed the widow screen up yesterday.

It looks great-just like the draft you sent to me a few weeks ago. Provides plenty of light, but with the privacy I was looking for with this window. Will be sure to recommend your services to anyone who is looking for a window film for privacy and UV protection-with a touch of artistic flair.

Thanks so much

-Rob from California

Hello Mary Anne,


I installed my sidelight film yesterday evening. So easy to install, and the look is perfect. I am so pleased with my purchase.

I hope to order film for an arched window in the near future and I can hardly wait to see how that will turn out, I am sure it will be just wonderful.

Thanks so much for such a wonderful product.

Take care (until I place my next order)


Hi, Mary Anne,

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful, decorative window cling. It arrived yesterday right on time. I followed your instructions and it went on just right.

Your beautiful scenery is the focal point of my window. The sunlight filters through and truly brightens up the room. The colors are even more vibrant in person than on your website, so I am overjoyed. You can use my comments on your website to let everyone know what an amazing difference it makes to a room and that I would recommend that everyone buy one.

You drew a very beautiful painting which captures the feeling of the beauty of the sky and sand in the desert scenery. There is almost a texture to the sandy soil. Maybe I’ll buy more as the seasons change.

Thank you again for decorating my home with such beauty.

Have a wonderful day and all the best to you\


MaryAnne, Here are the finished pics of our windows…we cannot tell you enough how happy we are with the results!

The films are just PERFECT. Everything I imagined and more. You worked with me the whole way through…so appreciate your patience and guidance. If I can do something for you…besides post on your FB page and website….which I plan on doing…please let me know.

I am going to tell all I know about your awesome product!

-Sheila & James from California

The film is installed!!

The fit was excellent on all three panels, and your instructions made the project go easily. We didn’t even need to do any trimming.

I am sending a couple photos, but will try to get some better ones of the sidelights when there isn’t so much snow outside,

since it causes a glare. Unfortunately, there isn’t a place to stand where we can get a good straight-on shot.

Thanks again for the terrific product. It does just what we wanted it to do.

-Connie from Colorado

Hi Mary Anne,

Thanks so much for the beautiful side lights. It was great working with you as we customized my sidelights.

We are very happy with the final product! My husband said “they are beautiful” and he is a man of few words. I have passed your website on to my daughter who lives out of town in Colorado. Her front door needs a bit of glamour as well. I am already looking around our new home to see where I can add another beautiful stained glass touch.

I’m sure you will hear from me again in the near future.

-Thanks again, Carol

Good morning Mary Anne: I waned to let you know that I received your window film art on time (actually way before I expected) and that it looks amazing. I took a picture of it once it was installed in the family room and was going to send it to you but I decided not to because the picture does not do it justice. Unlike the cheap HDepo film I had installed on my window before, yours lights up the place and matches the southwestern decor perfectly. Thank you very much for all your work. I will be recommending your website to all my friends.

-Alan from Oregon

…thought you’d like to see your design installed. My next door neighbor worked two years on a similar window for his house and it looks wonderful, but he was amazed at how nice my “stained glass” window looked!

He wondered when I had time to do all that glass work. Needless to say, I “played” him a bit longer before I informed him that it was a window vinyl and not real “stained glass”. Then he thought I was REALLY “pulling his leg”, as they say.

Even after it finally settled into his brain that it wasn’t “real”, he couldn’t get over how it looked so realistic.

He even called me a “cheater” and a “former best friend”, etc. etc. 🙂 Since my window already had caming, it made it all the more “believable”. You did a good job, Mary Anne, and we LOVE the roadrunner!

-Henry from Arizona 

Hi Mary Anne

I have been meaning to write to you all week!!!

I am sure you have been dying to know how we managed with the films.

WE are very happy with the results and the films gave exactly the effect that we were trying to create.

Some people were even surprised that they weren’t real stained glass windows!!!

I heard a lot of positive comments on the sanctuary windows.

Application went relatively well; we had to trim each one to fit but we expected that, so overall we are all very pleased.

It completed the look, and made our church look and feel like a church.

Daylight shines nicely though the film and helps to keep our church nice and bright.

-Anne, Ontario, Canada

Love Love Love It!!!! Exactly what I was always looking for with great quality and the design I chose goes absolutely perfect with the side windows. I will be ordering another soon for a bathroom window 🙂

Thank you for providing such a great website with so many choices and it is a very high quality product. A truly satisfied customer and the window will speak for itself as advertising for your business. Thanks again!

-Bernadette C from New Jersey

Mary Anne

I recieved the prints this past Monday and did the installization on Wednesday afternoon. I must say that the application process was a breeze and no problems occured. It was a “Jaw-Dropping” moment as I stood behind a door and watched as the people arrived for church that night. The prints were absolutely beautiful and the professionalism was outstanding.

There were even some tears shed as some of the ladies arrived and saw the prints. We will be having our monthly business meeting Sunday night to discuss the other 4 windows. At this moment I think we will go with the same design without the dove at the top or the bible at the bottom. I will be placing another order Monday and will give the details voted on. Once again THANK YOU so much for your work and will look forward to the next “install”.

-Ken S from Oklahoma

Mary Anne,

Pic of window film installed. I think it looks great. It took care of the unsitely view. I’ll send you a before pic, the installation went smoothly. No problems. I did have that extra pair of hands to help. I’m trying to think of other areas where I can install this film. I priced actual stained glass windows for this window and it was over $2000., quite a saving, and it looks great!

Thanks so much, you do terrific work.

-Martha F

When I downsized, I was forced to re-locate a wardrobe in front of a window in my new home. The back of it looked Terrible. Thanks to Mary Anne, I now have a beautiful stained window which we back lit!

Mary Anne’s artistry is exceptional. This window looks like the “real McCoy” even when one stands directly in front of it. I have ordered two additional windows. I can’t wait to get them!

Thank You so much!

– Deb

Hi Maryanne,

Received my decorative film today, I love, love, loved it. It is absolutely gorgeous. It is wonderful to find someone who still does quality workmanship. Thank you for all of your help and thoughtfulness.

– Louise

Hello Mary Anne – It’s been a few months, the weather here is BEAUTIFUL and I have finally been able to get you a photo! Let me tell you, EVERYONE believes that the decals are REAL stained glass. They don’t believe me when I say they are decals… They have to feel them to see for themselves! Everyone is so impressed.

Thank You!! 🙂

-Christine G

Thank you so much. What an amazing custom service you offer. I live in an older neighborhood with lots of wonderful neighbors who are working on their homes just like we are. I will tell everyone what an awesome experience this was and hopefully send you some more business!

-Past Customer

I have had frosted shelf paper applied like window tint on my bathroom window for a couple of years now. The window is in the shower, so it was a creative solution to create privacy and also allow light in. So many neighbors loved that idea, now I can send them your way for a creative AND pretty solution.


-Lori K

Thank you so much for your prompt service all came in great condition we were able to install in time for Palm Sunday and Easter. We were in awe as to how the colors are so vivid and you really can’t tell it’s not stain glass There were so many compliments and we are excited to complete the job We have 8 more windows to complete you will be hearing from me shortly as we raise more money to complete the job. Thanks and God Bless



Dear Mary Anne:

At long last I’m sending a Huge Thank-You message for your help and contributuon to our gorgeous chapel windows here at Covenant Village. It has been a remarkable achievment all around and hardly a day passes that someone remarks on the message and beauty of our ‘new’ windows. We pray now for relief from so much cold snowy weather and hope your good talents and achievments flourish. With grateful hearts from all of us.

-Joy C

Love the window film!! It was SO easy to install.


-Amy from Florida

Well we have finally reached about 50 degrees here in Massachusetts [windows open!!] & I installed the decals today for my octagon windows that I ordered from you. They look wonderful. Looks like REAL stained glass! Thank you again for such a quality product and for all your help. I will be ordering more soon for other window projects

-Christine G

WOW!! I forgot to tell you how marvelous it is!! AMAZING!! will be putting on my blog and FB with a link to you next week! also ordering more!

thank you so MUCH!!!!!

-Nancy from California

your service is impecable! I received my order today. ‘ m just online to get the directions. I can’t wait to transform my window!!


Just an update from Woodside…the film arrived safely and our team put it on the glass last week. Everyone LOVES it!! The colors and textures are beautiful! We can’t wait for the construction contractor to install the light box. I’ll send you a picture after it is up. Thanks again!

-Jo Anne

We have it up and it’s gorgeous! Everyone is in love with it and more so since you put our animal hospital house cat in the pic.

Thank you thank you!! God bless,


Review: Our film arrived quickly and 2 big 45×65″ were hung within one hour. The colors are spectacular and we are very happy with the designs, color and quality of Maryanne’s film.

-Ron & Joye

I am so excited about my new ”stained glass ” window. It is just gorgeous. I had no idea that such a product existed until I stumbled across your web site. I only wish that I had more windows!!

Thank you for such a wonderful product.


Hi, Received the decorative films in good condition and even have both installed. We are very pleased with the way it looks! I will highly recommend you to others!

Thank you,


Hi Mary,

the film arrived yesterday as promised, and I have installed it. I couldn’t be more pleased. This from a person who has made a myriad of stained glass windows over the years. I’ve always thought I would hate anything but the real thing. But they look terrific. I will definitely be ordering more


Hi Mary Anne!

Just wanted to let you know our window film looks amazing! I could not be happier – it is awesome! I’m so glad we went with our own photo. Thank you so much! It is better than I could have hoped for, easy to install, and absolutely amazing!


Hi, Mary Anne,

Just got the window film up with the help of a friend (who might be contacting you). I can’t tell you how fabulous it looks! Even better than I had hoped. So I’m sending you photos in separate emails. Thank you so much for all your help!!



Hi Mary Anne,

Well, the film is installed. Given the amount of film we installed, the effect has been a total transformation of the interior look/feel of the church. We will “debuting” the installation at the weekend masses, but quite a few parishioners have already seen the windows and the response has been overwhelmingly positive! One person commented “we now look like a church”!

Thank you.


Mary Anne,

I haven’t had a chance to email you…we just had our house painted and my husband applied my window film on our door. “IT IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.” I will definately recommend you to all my family and friends.


-Brenda,Rhode Island

Mary Anne,

Just wanted you to know I received the panels yesterday and they look great. Nice Job. I will be delighted to recommend you to others with confidence. Thanks again for the quality of your product and your fast delivery.

It has been a pleasure.


Fast and excellent service. The repeat customers you have tells me the product is excellent too.


-Don & Kathy

I just installed the film. I could not be happier. No more need for blinds or shades in my bathroom. As you walk in, it’s the first thing you see and it makes quite an impression. It’s perfect.


Hi Mary Anne,

It is absolutely beautiful!! I really appreciate the beauty this brings to our stairwell! The design I chose is perfect for our shape and size window. I waited until winter was over and the weather was warmer to install it (installation instructions were very good). Your website is one of my luckiest finds on-line and I will surely pass along info about your site to those who might also be interested. Wishing you continued success with your business!


Mary Anne,

I can’t tell you just how beautiful the window covers look…we actually used them in our kitchen, on the panels in the ceiling which cover flourescent lightening… the light was ugly , recessed in the ceiling and an eye sore …now it looks like ceiling art…. When I first mentioned doing this to my husband , he was not so sure , he feared it would make the room too dark … he is positive now that it was one of the nicest changes that we have made for such a reasonable cost.. it would have been an messy and costly job to remove and replace the existing light ….now I LOVE IT.

one side of the panel is smooth and once we got the hang of it , it went on very easily looks beautiful and Hubby is as pleased as I am…can’t wait to show it off!

thank you,

-Cathy and Gary, NJ

We received the first ones today AND you got the colors absolutely PERFECT!!! Have to think that this all was meant to be as you were out there in the Web somewhere and we found you

Tnx again


Oh, my gosh! I’ve never seen such rich, gorgeous colors on anything before. Thank you, thank you for the incredible job you did!!! I can,t wait to hear the raves from our congregation.


Mary Anne;

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! I am interested in doing a different window in the office. I will call you.


Thanks MaryAnne.

I will take a new picture after I install. People LOVE the first one you did.


Just letting you know the films arrived in good order and on time. The application instructions worked very well and my windows look wonderful. Thank you for your great product.



Dear Mary Anne,

The decorative film is now in place and looks great.

Many thanks for your help,


Hi Mary Anne,

Just wanted to let you know that we received out window film and installed this past Saturday. It looks really, really good! Thanks so much for your work! We have another half window that we are considering also doing…I will definitely come back to you! Thanks so much,


I got the watchers window film for my master bath & the palm tree for my back door. Both are wonderful and definitely have the Oh, wow effect! they are amazing and we love them! T

hank you for your terrific work!


Hi Mary Anne:

I have been rather ill since we got back to Canada and have only just installed Robbie the Rooster but just wanted to tell you that he looks super. We still get light through and don,t see the cars in the garage anymore and he is fun to look at.

Many thanks,


Hi Mary Anne –

The cling arrived last Friday and the pastor and I successfully installed it last night. It’s beautiful! We’re officially dedicating it on Saturday in a ceremony at the church and we’re pretty excited to show it off to our congregation. Thank you again for such a beautiful product and for getting it to us in time for this special event.

Thanks again!


Hi Mary Anne,

The windows are done. They are beautiful. The church members were very positive about them. They are just what we wanted. Thank you for all of your help

God bless.

-Karen, Green Bay, Wisconsin


Just a quick note. Sorry it has taken me so long. We have received the Irish Pub Window film from yourself. Just to let you know that it looks fantastic up. We are both so pleased with it. It totally transforms the window and everyone has been commenting on it.

Again, many thanks.

-Barbara, UK

Hi Mary Anne,

I just hung the film last week. It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! It was also easy to hang. Thanks so much! I have had so many compliments on it already. Our local Pella window rep was here yesterday pricing our patio doors. I showed him the film and he asked for your info. He has requests for custom films frequently. I printed 5 copies of your home page & bio. You might see a few Richmond-Area orders coming through 🙂

Thanks again!


Hi Mary Anne!

You probably get this a lot….WOW!!! 🙂 We really love the window film!!! Thank you for doing such awesome work and we will definitely be repeat customers if/when we make plans for other windows in our house. We will also recommend you to others.

Thanks Again!!!

-Lucien and Mona

Mary Anne,

I was out sick last at the end of last week. The decorative films arrived on Friday and I just opened the package. WOW! It is beautiful! It will look perfect in our chapel. Thank you for all of your help with this! IU will send you a picture when the ark is complete. Thanks!


Hello, Mary Anne,

Thank you for the timely shipment of the window film I ordered. We installed it the day after receiving it and it is gorgeous. It is a perfect fit and looks like a real stained glass window. My brother says that it is really better than stained glass. He is very happy with it. We love the deep blue color around the image too. Thank you so much for your excellent work. Congratulations on your excellent work and amazing business venture. I’m so glad I found you on the internet.



Mary Anne,

I ordered window films for my home, and was in the process of designing for a client of mine and I could not find the Two Partners and A Dream website. I was very very disappointed but now here you are, I am delighted. I am so very glad you are back.

-Janet M

My order arrived today and I am very happy – the design looks fantastic! They are great!

Thank You!


The two window decals that Danielle ordered came in about 20 minutes ago. I have put them both up on the window and they look awesome. Very impressed with the work and detail that has gone into it. I have told Danielle we will be ordering more for the rest of our windows and I sent her a picture of how they look via text message so she can show them off to co-workers. I’m sure some of them will order also. Thank you for the quality of work you do and we look forward to many years of business together.


Hi Mary Anne,

My husband and I want to thank you for doing such an attractive, artful design to bring color and interest to our bedroom windows. They absolutely pop now. Everyone from our open house party toured the house and fell in love with our gorgeous windows.

Thanks, Mary Anne.

-Marla & Tom M

I’m sorry!!!!!! I hadn’t realized that I didn’t get back to you to tell you that we really love the window cling-ons. One of my friends who saw the window recently thought it was a real stained glass window! She was shocked when I told her otherwise. It’s great how it provides us with the privacy that we need but still lets in the sunlight!

Thanks very much,

-Lisa B

I was reading on your website and I saw welcome back. I’m glad to have you back as well since you provide a service no one else does. I’ll talk to my husband about ordering a film with a wrought frame superimposed on one of our pictures and get back to you. -Christine O

I can’t believe what a differnce these films make in my window and they match my door perfectly. Thanks for all your help and I’ll be ordering again shortly

-Barb A

Thank god I found you again, you do such great work and I need to order more window clings.

-Lisa M

We received the Black Hills window cling we ordered, and it looks great and will fit perfectly.

Thank you

-Jim K

Thank you for your patience!!

-Carol G

Yes, I did get the dolphin one, and I thought it was great.

-Michael K

Yes, this is perfect. Please proceed with my order.

-Stephanie S

I received my window clings today and they are fantastic…thanks very much and I will pass you name on………


Just wanted to let you know that the sidelights look wonderful. You do beautiful work.

Thanks again


looks great! thank you for all your help…

-Loraine T

Mary Ann,

this looks great.


It looks beautiful on our windows. When the compliments start coming, I will be sure to mention your name.

-Mary G

I received the magnets and we are very pleased. Thanks for all of your help through this process.

-Joe M

We received the sunscreen yesterday. It looks good on the Explorer!

-Linda C

The mural looks great everyone is impressed

-Jean A

Hey Guys

we got the Magnets Friday Night and we had our outting on Saturday. Everyone says they look great. Do you have a feedback spot on your web site? We would gladly write a praise for you.

-Pastor J

That’s AWESOME!!! Love it.

-Wendy B

This is Marie from Las Vegas. I wanted to let you know I received my window cling and it is absolutely beautiful..It fits great and looks great. Thank you for all the trouble you went through helping me get the right one. I will be ordering another soon..actually soon as I am sure of what I want! I promise my next order will be easier!!

Thanks again!!

-Marie B

Just to let you know, your prints arrived today. I’ll try to install them tomorrow. They look great.



I sent you a picture of it on my window, its so beautiful. I really do love your work, you are a very talented lady.




Hi Mary Ann! Just wanted to let you know that I received my window clings yesterday, and in a word, WOW!!!!!!!!! They really are beautiful and brighten up the room considerably! Hmmmm, now what other windows can I give some style to??? Thanks so much for all your help and speedy service!

-Maria H

They look totally awesome!

Thanks Mary Ann!

-Dawna L

The graphic is perfect – absolutely! I will send you a picture you can use if you wish. I expect to get a number of inquires about it, and I’ll send them your way.

Thanks again.


Thank you so much for your help and time. They turned out great and the pots look just the way we wanted them to!

-Kim D

I received my moose sunscreen yesterday, and I love it. I think it’s going to work just fine on the screen–with the help of a little tape. Thanks again, and I will be sure to keep you in mind for future orders and recommendations to friends.

-Dorothy-La Crosse Wi

I love it !!! Sorry I was not able to get back with you sooner. I have been tied up in meetings today. The design is fantastic !!!

-Kim A

Got today, put up, very good, easy to do, excellent service and follow through, thank you for everything, will probably order some more.

-Bob and Vicki

The window films arrived today on schedule. They are beautiful! Thank you for your prompt and professional service.




I received the two pieces. They are gorgeous. I love it.

-Rachel W

The clings look and work great! Thank you! I look forward to placing another order with you next summer.

-Michelle M